Wold Top 5 Marathon GE Tour

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On January 23, 2006, Boston, Virgin London, BMW Berlin, Bank of America Chicago and ING New York City marathons collectively launched the World Marathon Majors – a new series offering a $1 million prize purse to be split equally between the top male and female marathoners in the world.

I made dozens of marathons in Google Earth in my other Marathon.GE blog. To collect this top 5 marathons in a new web page is one of my goals. By now, I have a more mature skill to make it. I made ​​5 dynamic marathon tours, with moveing the route, as well as a moving runner icon. When the runner run to the per kilometer mileage, at this time the mileage marker icon icon will zoom display. and photo will be displayed on the screen. These photos is taken from the Google street map or a Google Search, or panoramio photo.

Talk about this runner icon, I have to make a special description. He is a Taiwan netro runner – Backman Tony. I clip this icon from the photo that he ran 2008 Rome marathon. This icon is most suitable as the test runner in the marathon tour. Backman Tony have run more than 225 marathons by netro-running, include some untra marathons such as Deutschlandlauf 2007.

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